Making juice since 1936

Askim Frukt- og Bærpresseri (AFB) has been making juices from berries, fruits, and other natural ingredients since 1936. We have developed Ritni over several years in collaboration with researchers from Bioforsk Nord, the University of Tromsø, and Nofima. The goal has been to develop a 100% natural raw juice product that was both delicious and good for your health. Our research has shown that the cultivation site and climatic factors such as sunlight affect the antioxidant level in berries. A vivid blue colour acts as a pigment in the berries – the more vibrant the colour, the higher the antioxidant level. Long, bright summer days explain why berries from northern regions contain more antioxidants than berries from more southern climes. 
(Source: Røthe & Ellingsen, Bioforsk Nord, Wild Berries Project 05–07)