About Ritni

A Small Daily Dose Packed with Health
Ritni is pure juice squeezed from fresh billberries or crowberries, without any sugar or other additives. There are 200–400 fresh berries in a dose, enough to accomplish small miracles every single day.
A Fresh, Healthy Taste without Additives
Ritni is 100% natural, fresh raw juice from billberries and crowberries, without sugar or other additives. When the berries are squeezed to raw juice, the pulp is gently heat-treated in order to produce the optimal amount of health nutrients.
Making Juice Since 1936
Askim Frukt- og Bærpresseri (AFB) has been making juices from berries, fruits, and other natural ingredients since 1936. We have developed Ritni over several years in collaboration with researchers from Bioforsk Nord, the University of Tromsø, and Nofima.

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